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Friday, August 6, 2010

Shared video joy and giggles

I believe I've e-mailed these out to some of my friends, but I belatedly thought to post them here...
('sides...then I have them handy if I want to go for a giggle myself....)

Simon's Cat is worth a re-visit to YouTube - there are 7 cartoons now. All Excellent!

Matt Harding, of "Where the Hell is Matt?" Internet video fame has got a new video in honor of the World Cup.  "Where the Hell is Matt in South Africa?" - learning the Diski Dance.
(Love the Elephant kiss!)

I generally don't dance, so this gent earned my admiration traveling and dancing, as he says, "badly" with people from all over the world.
I think what I like best is that he's found a common ground - a common joy and open-heartedness to which people across the world respond. "Where the Hell is Matt? 2008" still makes my eyes tear up and I laugh out loud for the joy of it. (And I love the music - tracked down "Praan" by Garry Schyman" on iTunes.)

This Natural Gas Commercial features knitting!
(This is the Making of the Natural Gas commercial video.)

Courtesy of Peace IndustryOne of the last felters working in Iran.
This gentleman is so graceful at his art. Such strength!

Not a video but profoundly fascinating: The History of Rome Podcast
(later entries can be found on iTunes)

Ah - and lastly, this stray goodie tickles my sense of humor:   Scullcrusher Mountain

(I've become mildly enamored of Jonathan Coulton.)

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