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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Pink I really like, Cat Interests, and Craftiness.

Bear with me - this one's going to meander a bit, but I'll try to keep it down to just a chapter of "War and Peace".

In the last week, I was VERY surprised to find a Pink I liked. Most anyone who knows me or has visited this blog has heard tell of my aversion to pink. Usually accompanied by a {shudder}.

Last week I was watching Oprah, and she did a show with the singer P!nk. (Yes, I was being oddly punny. I still have an aversion to the color pink...)
I was impressed with P!nk 10 or so years ago. Interesting songs. Eye-catching look (understatement).
Kinda cool, I thought.

So on Oprah, they discussed allllll sorts of stuff - including the challenges in P!nk's marriage that inspired a lot of songs on her latest album, Funhouse. I'd heard some of the songs/seen videos and was intrigued.
More-over, they showed clips of a performance she did at the Grammys. I tracked down the video of her singing "Glitter in the Air" at the Grammys - and I thought it was stunningly beautiful.
She also sang "I don't believe you" on Oprah's show - again I was impressed. I think she writes well, she writes in her range, she uses her voice well, she really portrayed the feelings of what she was dealing with - and she (and her husband) seem to have a good sense of humor. From the interview, it sounded like there was some serious personal growth that came through the challenges of her marriage and creating the album.
I looked up the album on iTunes and I've since dropped several tracks into my "favorite" play list!

Aside from being smitten with "Glitter in the Air", this is a topic for me because I shocked and maybe offended some older friends of mine by noting last week how impressed I'd been with the February Grammy performance. (Yeah, I'm all about current events, huh?) But their reaction surprised me - a lot. I'm still not quite sure if it was the female rocker thing, the implied nudity (I've seen less on Pilobolus performers), or the water-flinging acrobatics, but they were seriously non-plussed about P!nk's performance.
And I thought it was lovely.
Hmmm - guess I'm showing my age. {wry grin}. And I'm not a youngling. How weird is that?

The orange kitties are settling in nicely. We rarely have fisticuffs now (oy - I'm tempting fate typing that) but there's a lot of romping and wrestling - mostly good-natured and generally very silly.
I caught the three big 'uns sacked out in the kitty beds on the spare bed:
 Why CooPurr, probably the largest of our kitties, is in the smallest bed - is a typical mystery for me.
Gryphon? No snoozing for him! He was up on the treadmill control panel plotting his "high-wire" balancing walk down the side support bars:
We recently picked up one of the emery scratching-pads (so maybe I wouldn't have to trim kitty razor-claws).
It was received as a general curiosity and the feather toy was a hit (semi-destroyed within 3 days). And the best part of the scratching pad for the cats? It came with Cat Nip.
But there has been absolutely no interest in scratching on the scratching pad...
(Straying to a cool, semi-related video...
Not unlike the June pictures of my cats nipped-out on Cat nip, the folks at Big Cat Rescue answer the question "Do the Big Cats like Catnip?")

Finished Object! I finally finished inserting the straps and sewing in the pockets and the button on to finish the Wave Knit Dr. Bag:
Not as charming a crafting attempt: Recently I was attempting to pull together a quilt square to go into a group quilt for an ailing elderly friend.  I was sailing right along when I realized....
(Yeah, it looks very odd at this stage, but the end results can be pretty spiffy.)
This must not be a regular paper-piecing pattern. {sigh/darn}
Too many seams on the ears and other pieces aren't numbered at all. I'll need to go back to the book to see what gives, but I'm pretty sure I'll be picking a different pattern to use.
Tomorrow's another day.
Pleasant dreams to you-all tonight!


  1. I also like P!nk. Bruce thinks I'm getting weirder with age, but her voice and style impress me too. Thanks for the link to "Glitter." I had heard about it, but not seen it. You are right. It was lovely.

  2. Darla, I must commend you on your excellent taste!