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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Human Chew-Toy and the as of yet Un-named Kitten

Kitten has LOTS of energy. And sharp claws.
The Vet-Techs said they trimmed his claws last week.
So either someone fibbed or I'm REALLY lucky they trimmed his claws.

He continues to play:

When I bring in food and such, he bolts out the computer room door and down the hallway in search of CooPurr.
CooPurr isn't quite sure what to do with him. I think he's unnerved by how little kitten is and how swift he is - CooPurr can't seem to shake him. ;-)
Until I catch up to whisk kitten back to the computer room.

And then he eats and plays some more. I think he's getting a little bigger.

I do tend to be the favorite chew-toy. And he has clumsy or startled moments where he tries to catch himself and I'm the convenient thing to grab.
He's "helping" me to type this after a brief rest in my lap.
I'm trying to patiently teach him not to play too rough (whilst I collect more small scratches and dents). [sigh]
The mere act of typing is toooo enticing for the little one.
He hides behind the keyboard, under the monitor stand and pops out on the right hand opening to bap at my mouse-hand. It's kind of like peek-a-boo. Hmmm.

I did take a few moments out from my new career as "chew toy/kitty tree" to finish the toes of my 2nd-ever pair of socks. I do think they're still a teeny bit short. I don't think I compensated well enough for the smaller yarn diameter. Live and learn. I still need to weave in the ends.
Time to start another pair. The next pair is intended for a dear friend of mine. (She'll love me even if the socks don't fit...but she will probably have to make fun of me a bit.)

Little one does eventually slow down a bit.

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