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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Teeny Gecko, Shopping Carts, and some knitting...

Interesting Observation for today...some irony, and a minor surprise for me...
Went to the bank this AM and nearly got run over by a gent in a full sized pickup with a trailer. He was dashing from parking lot to parking lot picking up "borrowed" shopping carts. Let us say he feels very comfortable in maneuvering his truck/trailer but he may not always be cognizant of other folks in traffic. The shopping cart collection effort being brought to my attention on the way to the bank...on the way back - there he was again. This time on the other side of the street, blocking an entrance/exit to an apartment complex as he dashed out to load another cart that had wandered away from a major shopping experience.

I found some ironic humor in the fact that as he was loading one up, about 50 feet in front of his road-block-truck...was an elderly woman pushing a shopping cart, presumably home-ward.
I was surprised when nearing and passing the woman; perched on either side of the cart were two large white cockatoos!
I'm guessing she took them with her for a morning outing...possibly to Petsmart. No, I didn't get pictures...I was driving....but it would have been a grand picture.

Here's a picture for you:

This teeny Gecko surprised me last night in our hall bathroom. I found him after I got home from work and the Grocery store (no, I didn't "borrow" a shopping cart).
Our hall bath is in the middle of the house - not quite sure how he got that far - BobCat does think lizards are interesting to chase. And he was teeny - about an inch and a half long - with his tail.
I'm ashamed to say I did not succeed in capturing him without losing his tail. I know it'll grow back, but he's soooooo teeny. I was trying not to deprive him of his nifty striped tail - but when I was trying to herd him out from behind the toilet tank - I must have applied some pressure there and it came off and continued to wiggle as a distraction.

Here's the interesting bit to me....I've "rescued" quite a few of these critters from the indoors to place them back outdoors. This was the first one that, once on my person, didn't want to leave. He was wandering over my hand and up my arm...
You can see he crawled onto my shirt and was pretty happy squatting right there. I don't think he was too impressed with my feeble attempts to take his picture. I got him back on my hand to put him on the window sill outside on the back porch - lots of bug options there...but he didn't want to get off. (sigh) Finally he chose to explore the window sill:

I've been neglectful of posting my knitting accomplishments of late. I'll try to do better, but here's a shot of Jessica's Baby Blanket before I delivered it last week...

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