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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Whups - it's the New Year already, isn't it?

{wry grin} Today, as I was attempting to make a dent in my long-neglected e-mail, I was jolted into full recognition that the New Year was well underway.
(Yes, the acclimation to the new job continues.)

The subject line of Interweave's "Weaving Today" mailing of a few days ago said "Weave more towels in 2015!". The intro above the pattern/kit offerings said "Resolve to Weave more in 2015!" and I realized I hadn't had even a passing thought to making resolutions for the New Year.
Whups, oh well.
S'ok, I actually don't make resolutions, I tend to set "goals".

Actually, the new job is allowing me to achieve a couple of (wishfully) long-pursued goals:

  • I have always admired folks that get up early and accomplish a lot before the sun comes up.
    Granted I'm not accomplishing much more than getting up and getting to work, but it's a start.
    {The part that boggles me most is the daily realization that, in my schedule, 4 in the afternoon is the equivalent of 8 PM and I'll need to hie myself off to bed after another hour or so.} 
  • Weight loss!
    {wry grin} When you spend the first few hours of the day lifting, pushing stuff, stretching, lifting more, and semi-speed walking, some weight loss is inevitable. I have lost enough weight that a belt is required for modesty's sake on my larger pants and I'm fitting comfortably into some pants I haven't worn in a number of years. (I'm also ravenously hungry every couple of hours - go figure.)
  • Newish to the wish/goal list - some financial support for my Fiber Arts Degree adventure. I have submitted my first request for tuition reimbursement (yay!) to the new employer.
    (Bonus - I have received a number of verbal and even written compliments on my work at the new job. It is always nice to be appreciated. {Happy sigh.} I'm hoping I can learn more and continue to be useful.)

I guess my New Year's goal (wish) would be to acclimate more to my pre-dawn schedule so I'm not craving a nap (nodding off) a few hours after I get off work. {yawn…}

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