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Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 Goals (I don't like to make "resolutions")

"Aspirations" is another good option to "resolutions" but it seemed too "lofty" a word for my mundane, down-to-earth goals. 

KiniaCat 2011 Knitterly Goals:
  1. I signed up for the Master Knitter Program in 2010 but have done little toward completion beyond general study and tracking down supplies. Hence, I’ll be knitting a lot of swatches in the first few months of 2011 so I can ship off my submission for review and still have some time for correction/resubmission based on the review response.
  2. I think it's time to try knitting socks - from the toe up!
    A co-worker recently asked for preemie socks for her new grandchildren - and I found a tiny toe-up pattern that might suit and get me started on this goal. (Pattern courtesy of Nicole Eggers-Runge - Thank you!!)
  3. The traditional dieting entry - with a twist...back to the Yarn Diet. (didja catch the pun?!?)
    I must reduce the scary stash! (And there’s some lovely yarn in da stash just a'calling my name…)
    The general rule is to only acquire more yarn after twice the amount of stash yardage has been used and to avoid random, lustful yarn purchases that are not associated with a specific project.
    The Yarn Diet does not apply to any Sock or Technique clubs already joined or renewed and the diet will be temporarily suspended if I get to go to any major knitterly events (I'm only human, after all!). 
  4. Color work. 
    Time to give knitting with multiple colors a real shot. Lik-a-dis. (Maybe the mitten version...double the new technique challenge!)
    And in support of this goal, my In-laws gifted me with this inspirational Colorwork Club from the Unique Sheep.
KiniaCat 2011 Personal Goals:
  1. Firstly - an age-old issue relating to Mindfulness.
    I need to build in a pause/time to consider before I speak. I have a lack of editing between my brain and mouth sometimes. Not generally hurtful…more along the lines of TMI/boring.
    Although...there are occasions when I "open mouth, insert foot" - and then gnaw on my toes in embarrassment. I think more sleep would generally help with this goal, but there is a base issue here that I would like to improve.
  2. I would like to invest a 1/2 hour a day in pursuing non-knitting related goals. (This is necessary because I would like to spend my entire day on knitting-related goals.)
    Clearing out old magazines, filing receipts, going through my closet, music, movies...(extra trips to the recycling charitable thrift-donation folks are planned in 2011!), remembering to water my plants on a more regular basis, ~ Blogging ~(!). The to-do list goes on and on.
    Just a 1/2 hour a day would make a huge difference so that is the plan. Uh, goal.  
  3. I am planning to continue the more regular exercise habit I returned to in late 2010.
    I feel better. I sleep better. I fit into my jeans better... (Hallelujah!!).
  4. Another age-old-problem for me - sleep deprivation.
    Sometimes it is caused by random, frustrating insomnia.
    However, I must take responsibility for the majority of my sleeplessness of late.
    The "I'll go to bed after I do 1 more thing" (times 5) delay.
    The inevitable lie: "I'll just log into Ravelry for 5 minutes...".
    The other inevitable lie: "Just 5 more minutes and I'll get up...".
    The big challenge of this goal is a loss of time with the DH: The staying up late to visit and talk with the DH - who works a different shift than I do.  {Sigh}
Well, that's plenty.
The technique-based knitterly goals should be relatively easy - and fun.
I think documenting the Master-Knitter goal and progress here will help that goal move along.
The Yarn Diet is the most well-thought out - and I've successfully yarn-dieted before.
However, the personal goals are more challenging to quantify - and to stick to.

In the meantime, Happy New Year to you and yours! 
Let's see what we can accomplish in 2011!!
Christmas Amaryllis


  1. Re: Master Knitter - would you want to work together on this? I know a little about it, but haven't yet started on it. Hmmm

  2. I'd be game. I have another friend who signed up for this last year. I suspect she's probably much further along.