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Friday, February 15, 2013

Attempting to improve my Core Issues (for Mixed Media)

Ok, here's the not so great news first.
The Results of the first Mixed Media Homework attempt was not particularly well-received by the teacher. I got a grade a skoch above average. {embarrassed sigh}
My interpretation of this grade is that I failed to use stuff from around my house to actually create the core for the coiled homework project - as the teacher had requested.
The teacher had not previously heard of memory wire - which I had used as my "core". I think my pre-made core and the minimal size of my project was the source of my average grade. {sigh}

Ok - educational opportunity.
I will engage my inner-recycler and will pay more attention to what the teacher says. And I'll ASK if I could/should use stuff from around my craft room.
(Hmmm - now that I'm an "Art Student" do I now refer to that room as my "Studio"? {grin})

The better news/improved core:
For the 2nd coiling adventure, she gave us the core and allowed us to pick a fibre from the School's fiber stash for the next coiling/wrapping project.
I made some good progress:

I got through the first piece of core she gave us and attempted a splice the second piece when I was out-n-about (and without the glue she advised we use to join core pieces). So I tried this:
I thought it turned out too bulky. When I got home, I unwrapped back to this join, un-joined the two pieces, and used re-positionable glue to keep it steady whilst I re-wrapped and secured the new coil to the basket coiled below.

I started out with a more-grand design, but as the homework due-date loomed, I simplified the design (twice).

Although these yarns(?possibly linen?) obviously match, the grey/silver one was not as pleasant to work with because it was a bit slubby and untwisted very quickly.

Minor disappointment - the teacher didn't collect this one for grading. {wry grin} But it goes into my "portfolio" so it might help my end-grade.

The "Large" Coiling project: 
Now I'm working on a larger coiling project - due next week.
I'd hoped to be further along but I paused to change yarns (good change) and to tea-dye the core {Interesting. It didn't get very dark, but it took the edge off the white core}.

I had the core in my stash, inherited from a friend's Mom, and the yarn is an interesting hand dye in rust, brown and grey. (Yes, the teacher is aware that I'm using these materials.) ;-)

We'll see how far I get and how it turns out. I'll likely cover it in the blog a bit later.

I hope your Valentine's day was lovely and that you appreciate your Valentine - AND yourself every day!

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