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Friday, February 8, 2013

They could tell it was chopsticks!!

So I continue to be boggled, delighted, optimistic, stumped, and sometimes fatalistic about my drawing adventures.

After my first meager attempts at drawing....well, there have been more meager attempts at drawing. {grin}
But I am "drawing at home" now. ;-)

We were sent home with an assignment to draw 4 things from our kitchen. One had to hold a liquid and we were supposed to draw it as though we were looking down at it.

I pulled down a mug, a pair of chopsticks, a lemon recently gifted from friend's tree, and a kitty kitchen timer. I added some water to the mug and tried placing the above in a pleasing arrangement on the dining room table.

And then I took pictures with the iTouch so I could minimize the time spent {wasted} away from the drawing homework {disengaging cat paws/persons from my "still life".}

I liked this arrangement:
So did Gryphon:

Yes, I did consider doing the drawing including Gryphon's head. {Very tempting}
However, I wasn't sure I could do his ears justice. And if I included them I'd have "5 things" instead of four and, per my rules, Gryphon is not part of the kitchen.
{Per Gryphon's rules....well, Gryphon and I "discuss" those rules on a too-regular basis}.

Gryphon LOVES to drink water out of cups or drinking glasses.
It is WAY better than the {exact same} water I put into the kitty fountain he shares with the other 3 cats. He feels still water in a kitty dish is not as good as still water in our drinking glasses. {sigh/grin}
"What?" Isn't this water for me??
One more Gryphon-pic. You know that thing cats do when they reach around something 'cause they're not sure how the thing "works"/where the bottom is/how much space and time it occupies in the universe?
{Yep, right through the handle of the mug.}
After I stopped laughing and Gryphon had had enough to drink, I put everything away, hid in my craft room, and did my homework.

In class, we pinned our drawings up in the "gallery" next to the classroom and one by one, we reviewed each other's homework.
We considered if we'd kept the viewer's eye within the 4 corners of the picture (balance), format, placement, and line/negative space. My review was pretty decent, although I can't remember most of it. Something about I need to draw more assertively/darker - better value and shading.
I don't remember most of it because I was entirely thrilled that my class-mates could tell that I'd drawn chopsticks!! Woot!!

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  1. I could tell they were chopsticks. I could tell it was a lemon too. Now the kitty, that one I wanted to tuck in my pocket. And my cat Trigger does the same water deal - completely bored with the water in his water bowl, but utterly fascinated with the water in the glasses on the dining table, in the toys in the bathtub, in puddles in the yard, etc.

    Here's a radical idea: draw your feet