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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Chivalry is Not Dead!

On my way to work this AM, I stopped at a traffic light in the foothills. I happened to be in the "slow" right lane and first in line at the intersection.

I witnessed an older gentleman across the intersection attempting to push his, apparently defunct, vehicle out of the opposite left turn lane. He was trying to achieve a u-turn to get it out of traffic, pushing the car by himself.

No one stopped to help him.
Cars behind him in the left turn lane just went around.

When the light turned green, I pulled through the intersection, parked my truck and jogged back to the intersection to help him.

The light had changed so the traffic in the opposite direction started going and we had a reasonably clear shot to u-turn his car, pushing it out of the way. We were then joined by another woman who had also stopped to help.

When she joined me at the back of the vehicle, she said disbelieving..."I can't believe no one stopped to help". I offered a wry grin, agreed and noted "Except 2 women". {Women Rock!}
We got the car rolling and he hopped in to turn/steer and the woman and I pushed his car slightly uphill, out of traffic, and onto the side of the road behind her SUV and my truck.

The gent thanked us both, shook our hands and I asked if he had someone to call for help with his car - he assured me he did.

I wished both the gent and the woman a good day and I walked back to my truck thinking - with a bit of irony:  "Chivalry is not Dead".

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