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Saturday, May 30, 2009

LBK - Little Black Kitten (temporary name)

Yesterday at work, I inherited a little black kitten.

A co-worker's girlfriend, was in a car accident on Thursday. About the time the co-worker arrived on the scene, the girlfriend tracked down a mewling sound she'd been hearing and pulled a black kitten out of a thorn bush near the accident site.
They took it home, had an adventure getting him out of the dash of my co-worker's car, and fed it some milk/kept it overnight and then brought it to work hoping I would adopt it. (Obviously, I'm known as the crazy cat lady.)
It's not known yet if I'm fostering him for a little while or if the folks that found him would like to keep him.

He's pretty cute. He's also pretty young. I'm guessing four weeks. Maybe a small 5 if we're lucky.
But he has big paws.
And is Extremely curious.

He likes to climb and jump (more like hopping at this age).

I checked him over and chased him around the co-worker's cube for a bit and then got the feeling he needed a litter box. Took him to the bathroom and did the mama-cat thing with a warm, wet paper towel and he pee'd for about a minute. VERY polite of him to hold it, but we'll have to introduce him to kitty litter.

We did a very quick trip to the vet for a temperature check (he felt hot to me) and made a real appointment for Monday. Off to Petsmart for some KMR (Kitten Milk Replacement) and kitten chow. When we got home, he figured out how to lap up water from a bowl and he then happily lapped up some KMR.

We shifted him to our very small master bath and he explored every corner.
He started playing there, attacking a wand with leather strings attached and giving the bathroom scale what-for.
Sorry - I don't have pictures of this bit of kitty-blossoming and comfort.
He discovered the kitty-bed I'd brought in and did a very little bit of kneading and even purring(!!) followed by a light nap.
More play - attacking my waggling fingers gently and giving my knuckles kitty kisses (licks).
Then he crawled up my shirt to my neck (he'd done this a couple of times) but instead of general snuffling and looking for where to leap next, he curled up and took a nap. I had a book (I came prepared) but I ended up snoozing some too whilst sitting on the tile floor with my back to the wall and a little black kitten curled against my neck.

The bigger cat-boys finally noticed LBK for the loud echo-y mews he voiced after he took a longer nap in the bathroom kitty bed but awoke to find me gone. They've been lounging outside closed doors and having quiet conversations with LBK under doors.
If we do keep LBK - I'm trying to figure out the food logistics.

DH and I rearranged the Computer room a bit and pulled out the pop-up trundle bed that I didn't want LBK crawling around under (those big springs and those little legs [shudder]).
LBK has had a grand time exploring the majority of the computer room. He's had some more KMR (Kitten Milk Replacement) and even some slightly watered down kitten chow - we even heard some quiet kitty chow crunching!
I'll feel better when he uses the litter box. No accidents yet - he just hasn't figured out the litter box.

He does like to keep himself clean and gives himself baths regularly. (Interesting for such a young kitten).

He's been playing with a variety of kitty toys I brought in but he's particularly tickled with this kitty condo....

They don't get much cuter than this.


  1. So sweet. He's lucky to have found you.

  2. God, he's cute. I'm eagerly awaiting your choice of name. I'm using the LBK adventure to noodge my brother into finally getting a new monitor. His is Dead, and you know how he LUVS kitties.