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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Too much work-stuff - but found these to giggle over...

Someone sent this to me and I had to watch it several times.
I love the premise of the "surprise" public dance number and here's the Sound of Music - Antwerp Station. Yes, there's some childhood nostalgia involved in my delight - but they did a grand job.

I can't remember how I got exposed to this video, but this gent pulled off Nessun Dorma quite handily and the performance gave me chills. I LOVE the crowd and the judge's reactions: Paul Potts from Britain's Got Talent.

LOOK - I HAVE PROOF. My knitting addiction is Good for Me!! . ;-)
CBS did this article on how good knitting is for your health! Knitting and the daily dark chocolate ought to keep me going well into my 90's!

A friend sent me this link over a year ago. Shame on me for not checking into it sooner. Sophie Milman has an impressive, sultry, and smoooooth voice. Yummy!
I'm gonna track down some CDs!

Another Impressive Canadian:
This is an interview with the Mayor of Mississauga, Hazel McCallion - she's a keeper! (I have serious doubts that chocolate and knitting will have me quite this spry at 88...).

On the knitting front - wishful thinking.
(**Caution** - serious knit geekyness
abounds in the remainder of today's blog!!**)

I was pondering quite seriously if I should attend the Sock Summit 2009 in Oregon.

I was intrigued by several classes:
"Knitting for Speed and Efficiency" (t'would be spiffy to improve my knitting time...),
"Rivendell and Beyond" (coaching on a very spiffy Tolkien/Elvish sock pattern),
"Arch-Shaped Stockings" (this one was likely out of my knit-league, but the pattern is entirely cool),
"Dancing with Socks" (probably a whole new way to view socks...but probably not something I should ponder deeply until heel-turns don't make me stare at instructions for an hour...)
The list goes on and on and on...

However the reality being - I'm only just barely finishing the toes of my second pair of socks.


I'd noted the number of folks in the Ravelry Sock Summit discussion group (2600 +) and wasn't too surprised to watch the classes and all the special events fill up and sell out yesterday in very short order.

I'm disappointed - but a little relieved. I can finish my 2nd pair of socks and start on my 3rd pair ; gift socks - and for much bigger feet too - more of a challenge!

Maybe they'll record the Luminaries event and make it available for viewing/purchase for those of us that can't attend but recognize what we're missing.

And I can pursue my knit-education in some other ways:
I understand there's a video of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee knitting at warp speed - maybe I can slow it down (A LOT) and pick up pointers.
I can order the Rivendell sock pattern and marvel at it's beauty and maybe give it a shot. I'm actually pretty decent at figuring out patterns. (i.e. stubborn and not entirely dense)
I'll have more time to read Cat Bordhi's latest sock book...and more about EZ's spiffy Arch socks.

And not attending greatly reduces the possibility of excessive stuttering on my part or walking into door jambs in the presence of all the Knitterly-gurus I admire so much.

I was considering the "Sock Heels" class to be the cure to my heel-turn angst.
However, there's hope for this class... this class is taught by our own Tucson Knit and Pod Cast Dignitary, Heather Ordover. I'm hoping she'll teach this one in Tucson at Kiwi.

Enough of the Sock Summit lament. We'll see what happens next year.
In the mean-time - snoozy kitty keeping me company as I blog:

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