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Friday, November 7, 2008

Buttons and patches

Yesterday, I was a little surprised at my reaction to going through my button drawer (don't panic, it's a little drawer in a vertical organizer...not thousands of buttons).

I was looking for a button I could use as part of a clasp for this. (It'll be a bracelet.)

The button drawer contains the buttons I bought because they were interesting, cute, or on sale, buttons that came with a suit or blouse I purchased (yes, I used to wear suits), buttons I inherited from the passing of my Mom, and buttons I inherited from the passing of a friend's mom.

My friend was not inclined to use the crafty stuff his mom left behind. Because he's a generous soul, he invited me over to help go through some of her crafty stuff and gifted me with quite a bit of it.
Hence a 2nd round of buttons I inherited. Inherited stuff is bitter-sweet.

I especially like the buttons from my Mom and his Mom - lovely, sturdy things in grand colors or classic black and white. Possibly from before I was born.

In this drawer were also patches - the kind you sew on shirts, uniforms, bags. Some were from my childhood. From the Girl Scout Camp I attended each summer. Quirky things I thought were cool but never got around to attaching to something.

I think one was a pool patch we pinned to our swimsuits. Can't remember if it meant we were unlikely to drown or if we were allowed at the AFB Officer's pool.

Some of the treasures and the ASDM patches were from my sister-in-law who lost a battle with cancer a few years ago. She was a docent at the Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum for a while...I miss her very much. I miss my Mom very much.

Yep, I cried into the buttons. It surprised me.

But it shouldn't have. Buttons have history and potential.
The patches remind me of times and people that I miss.

I think I'll put the ASDM patches on a bag. My sister-in-law and I both had/have an affinity for spiffy bags. It will help me remember her to other people.

The buttons will also add to the story of whatever they enhance.
"Thank you, I made this beaded bracelet, but these buttons were selected by the special woman who was the mother of my friend, John. "

And later - "Yes, I love this yarn too. I couldn't wait to make this pattern, but the buttons were from my Mom."

I have been blessed with some wonderful women affecting my life.
I still am blessed with wonderful in my life. Hugs and healing to us all.

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