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Sunday, August 26, 2012

When Cake Decorating Meets Home Repair

The DH was inspired to do some "Handyman" duty yesterday and he went back this AM to finish the job.

The brick edging at the bottom of our front window has some loose spots.
(The "stable" bricks appear to be mostly stabilized by the wrought iron security window covering we had installed a long while ago. (Wrought Iron Window covering = rock repellent. But that's another story)).

Yesterday, he pulled out the loose mortar and a few of the bricks and re-inserted them with new mortar/filling, propping them up with other bricks to dry overnight.

Today he went out to fill gaps between the bricks.

I peeked out shortly after and asked how it was going. Seems the mortar-stuff in the caulk gun was too thin and he was attempting to push mortar in between the bricks with a putty knife.

I pondered this and noted he could probably insert the mortar-stuff pretty easily using a cake decorating bag. He liked the idea and asked if I had an old one I'd be willing to donate to the cause. I offered to make him one but then noted we could use a baggie. He agreed with the idea and I went off to collect supplies.

We started out with a regular sandwich baggie. That worked fine but it surprised us with a wee hole in the side when my left hand was instantly gooped up with gray sandy stuff.

I covered the hole with a fingertip, finished the gap I was filling, and then went inside for a thicker, freezer bag.

Mo'betta. I filled the gap, tamped it down a little with the putty knife, and filled it some more.

We'll see if it works.
We could tell we were being watched by some furry person(s) inside by the movement of the window blinds.
I came inside to cleanup and found Gryphon had taken up an excellent home-repair view point from the top of this kitty condo.

Yeah, it's a bit less sturdy than I'd like and I've sewn it back together in spots. It came with the Ginger Cats (Mikale & Nikoli) when we adopted them. All the cats take turns using it for playing, bathing (Gryphon's taking a bath in it right now and it's making me uneasy watching it swaying back and forth with his cleaning strokes), bird watching, sleeping, king-of-the-hill skirmishes...

Anyway, the fierce black cat looking all cute, soft, and strikingly colored against the red kitty condo inspired a few more pictures:
The DH walked by outside just then...
Slightly blurry picture but it shows off Gryphon's Green-y eyes. 
Forget you, I'm going to take a nap.
Settling in for a nap made him all the more irresistible and I stepped up to pet the cuteness.
But I smelled "interesting" after the outside home-improvement so I just got sniffed over.

Later, I was loading pictures to create this blog and I was overwhelmed by the sight of the snoozing Gryphon with his paws and tail collected at one corner of the kitty condo.
Yep, I got up to take more pictures.
(The blog can always use more kitty-pictures, right?)
His ears clearly state "What - you're back?"
See - 4 paws and a tail.
(Black cats show lint really well, huh?)
When I couldn't resist petting his toes just a little, he shuffled around but accepted some pets on his head and went back to sleep.

May all your Sunday tasks go well - even if it's a cat-nap.

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