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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Want to send a hug to Heather? Knitterly/Literary goodies available!

If you've visited my blog before, you've probably heard tell of my various educational and knitterly adventures with Heather Ordover of the CraftLit PodCast.

To quote meself:
"Heather is the mastermind behind CraftLit - and - "What Would Madam Defarge Knit"!
She is also one of my favorite teachers and introduced me to Goodreadsmoebius knitting, Cat Bordhi (live and in person), and she was the first knitterati to sign the SS09 Sock Blocker

She visited Tucson briefly in December and offered to teach the Plaited Edge from the Paivatar Sock (her socks gracing the cover Knitting Socks from Around the World!) at Kiwi Knitting."

I've spent hours and hours enjoying the Craftlit Podcast as she discusses her crafting and the books she features on the podcast. (She is the best English Lit teacher I've ever had!)
I've also been lucky enough to spend some lovely afternoons knitting and chatting with Heather. She is an excellent writer, teacher and one of the most amazing souls I've ever met.
To quote Mr. Spock: "Fascinating". ;-)

In my opinion, she's also a terrific Mom.
To quote her,"The Short of it

My son needs surgery.

Not planned surgery but that kind of kick-in-the-gut surprise surgery that is halfway between, sure okay and It’s An Emergency."

Here is the full article and longer explanation, "The Short of It", where she explains the variety of Knitterly, Literary, or goodies-in-general that you can purchase to support her livelihood and her family at this challenging time. 

I have read (and knitted from) the first "What would Madam Defarge Knit" book. 
A month or so ago, I pre-ordered the "What Else Would Madam DeFarge Knit" Book. 
Yep, it's that spiffy.

I'm looking into the opportunity to take the virtual version of Heather's Sock Heel Classes (I'd missed out taking it at the 2009 Sock Summit)! But then, I've also been considering reading Andrew Ordover's Book, "Cool for Cats". So many choices!

Please - go read Heather's "The Short of It" post. 
Consider treating yourself or a loved one to a book, knitterly adventures, educational opportunities - there are a variety of options in the post to send Heather a hug. 

My Thanks to you for reading and considering my blog post/request. 
Blessing be to you and yours. And to Heather and her Family. Hugs!

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