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Friday, May 25, 2012

Knitting, uh, mishaps (one cat-assisted)

Usually, when I get a bit full of myself - a little too proud or smug about something I've accomplished or been clever about - that's the time when I am gifted with a profound reality check.

I'm kind of used to it by now and these educational opportunities are generally not a surprise.
When I get that unchecked feeling of being particularly tickled with myself, I know I can expect some follow-up with an instance where I am nearly a perfect ninny - and generally quite publicly.

It does keep me from getting a big head about things.

Ok, the description of this sounds a bit dire, but it's not actually that bad. It's generally funny, very ironic, and I am much better at accepting my foibles and mistakes now than I could when I was a youngling.
I'm trainable.

So...the knitting mishaps that caught my attention...

Technical Difficulties:
During the Cat Bordhi Moebius class, having previously done a fair bit of Moebius knitting, I was smugly whipping through the extended Moebius Cast-on for a "Spacious Show & Tell Moebius Bag" when........ The cable of my circular needle separated itself from the needle (no, not unscrewed, separated)  leaving me with a perplexed look on my face, some dropped Moebius Cast-on stitches, and that sinking "Oh S**t" feeling. 
The irony of the smug-payback was evident. However, I had a backup cable so I replaced the unworthy/failed cable and proceeded to restart my Moebius Bag cast-on with a sigh and a much toned-down "I'm so good" attitude. 
I haven't progressed much past what is shown in this picture.
So many projects, so little time. 
Wait...how many rows?
Whilst doing some laundry, I recently noticed something odd about a pair of socks I finished in January 2011 (the Eight of Diamond Socks (link to my Raverly project page)). I had been rather proud about my knitting socks with an entrelac leg early on in my sock-knitting career. I was laying them out to dry, thinking again that it was kind of spiffy that the foot of the socks nearly match (without any conscious effort on my part).

And then the disparity of the leg length came to the forefront of my mind and I realized I was missing an entire row on one of my sock-legs. Or, it could be that one has an extra row. {sigh/ack!}
Yes, I am entirely boggled that I didn't 
notice the mismatch for a year.  

Another near-match:
I had another moment where I thought I was going to achieve matchy-socks.
Since I started knitting socks, I had maintained that I didn't care if they matched. I was not going to fussy-start/finish or finagle my knitting so I would have matching socks. I didn't care if my socks matched!

And yet, when I'd knit the first of the pair of the Cat Bordhi Purlique socks and had started on the 2nd sock, I was inordinately pleased that the feet of these toe-up socks nearly matched perfectly!

I kept knitting on the 2nd sock, and about the place where I expected to insert the waste yarn for the Green heel....there was only Yellow yarn and no green.

Careful scrutiny seems to indicate that there may have been a break in the yarn just where the green should have started and someone did a truly excellent job of joining the yarn - yellow to yellow. And instead of progressing from yellow to green and then to blue, the colors reversed and headed back to orange then red...
Yep...still no matchy socks for me, as I have declared numerous times. {wry grin}

Gryphon was here:
As mentioned in the last post, I'm knitting the Princess Langwidere Cowl (Rav link) from "What Would Madam Defarge Knit" as I listen to "A Tale of Two Cities" on CraftLit.
(I just started Episode 63 and I suspect I know who will be getting a "close shave" from Madame Guillotine - and it makes me sad for and proud of the character. {sigh}).
I didn't close up my cowl project bag enough last night and when I came back a little later to collect my toys, I found this:
Note - The cowl wasn't out being knit upon - it was in the bag.
The bag just wasn't cinched up tight.
That's right....someone's furry paw had to go bag-diving to find stuff to chew on. 
I'm pretty sure it was Gryphon. In the past, he has demonstrated a wicked-fast ability to separate my projects from the yarn.
(He does that innocent "What?" look reallllly well, doesn't he?)
There's always something to learn and improve upon.
And my lessons appear to be offered in a clear and unmistakable manner, dripping with irony.
S'ok. I'm trainable. ;-)

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