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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Diabetes Update - Baby Steps

I thought I'd take a moment to check back with the Internet World to see what has transpired recently.
However, "Recently" is a profoundly relative term.
I've been away for most of a week but I feel like it's been a month. Maybe more.

I was surprised to find I'd written the "Diabetes - Learning the Hard Way" post just 2 days ago.
2 Days.
Ok, then.

The Little Brother continues to improve.
I can't think of anything more apt to follow that comment beyond "Thank God".
And that still seems a bit 'light".

He's off the oxygen and nearly all the IVs.
He's begun sitting up in a chair. He took a little walk yesterday.
He's eating real food. And we're learning the hospital menu "rules" and how to select items that accommodate his diabetes and other physical requirements at this time.

The Doctors and Nurses are working toward getting his blood glucose stabilized and to normal levels. But they're taking it slow because if he started sliding toward too little, it's a very slippery slope and even worse than when his blood sugars were off the chart.

His eyesight seems to be mildly improving. We've learned that when your blood glucose levels are wonky, so is your eyesight. It can change from one hour to the next.
A magnifying glass works some, but we spent a fair portion of today with my reading him some of the diabetes educational paperwork we've been collecting.
So...we're learning.

The hospital staff has been professional to downright wonderful. Some of them stop by when they're assigned elsewhere to check in on my brother. One gent stopped me in the cafeteria to ask after the little brother and then came by to visit later.

My brother is not out of the woods yet, but he is taking significant steps forward.
Baby Brother Steps. {tired/wry grin}

So many blessings, large and small.

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