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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Yarn for sale! And some even more amazing stuff - for an excellent cause!

Greetings and Salutations!
This is a quick entry to make known to you an amazing, generous effort to help a worthy soul.

My offering in the auction: this skein of Prism Cool Stuff Half yarn, Color: Tumbleweed:

What auction? The website explains it best.
However, I would like to offer my perspective on this Auction to help Terri Windling.
Some of the folks organizing the auction are personally known by me. They are truly spiffy people and their request and intentions are real and just.
I have not met Terri Windling, but several of her stellar efforts grace my bookshelves.

Again, the website explains it best.
Please go take a look...see if any of the auction items strike your fancy. Check back often as more items are being added every day. You'll probably be impressed and tickled at the number of items being offered. And consider the names of the folks offering the items for auction - you might recognize a few!
(And this could also be a Very Unique Holiday Shopping opportunity!!)

Please - share the link to Magick 4 Terri with other interesting folks who might be tickled and tempted by this worthy endeavor.

My thanks, KiniaCat

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