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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Hope, Thanksgiving and Bittersweet Thanks

I have been enjoying a quiet day at home.
Cleaned the Bathrooms.
Worked on two knitted Christmas gifts -  a very little bit.
Made Pizza with Trader Joe's crust for lunch as an odd treat 'cause the DH has to work this evening.
We're plotting for turkey tomorrow.
The DH will find a freshly-made pecan pie when he gets home (one of his favorites).
There's a few more items on my to-do list for this Thanksgiving day but I wanted to pause a jot down some things for which I am Thankful.

I reviewed last year's Turkey-day blog and it made me consider life in general and how things change.
The interesting/challenging job I gave thanks for last year is likely about to end and I'll be pondering what else I should do for a living.

Most apt proverb: "May you live in interesting times".

That quote has been cited as a Chinese proverb or a curse.
I thought I'd heard it mentioned somewhere as a Klingon blessing.
{wry grin}

Times are indeed interesting.
There is a lot of unrest in the world. A lot of people in need.
A lot of things that make us question the state of humanity.

Sometimes it's hard to have hope or be thankful when you are only exposed to the bad side of the world. (Policemen have a tough job indeed - think about it.)

If I turn away from the usually-not-good news being repeated continuously on numerous channels and consider the positive aspects of the world and the actions of good people...even here in my home town, I find hope blooms.
  • My generous friends, local knitters, and our local yarn shops for all the knitting performed to help babies and children and adults in need - year round.
  • The various charities around town that I and others support for animals, homeless folks, under-insured cancer patients, children's homes - the list goes on.
  • Quilt groups that work year-round on a variety of projects like Halloween quilts created for children that will be stuck in the Hospital this last & next October 31st.
  • Diaper and food drives.
  • Local drives to help folks in need around the world (i.e. World Care).
  • The Empty Bowl Luncheon I recently attended for the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona
  • That same week there was another charitable event - the Hickman's Family Farms "Breakfast for Dinner" Event. A variety of local restaurants around Arizona stayed open late, wearing PJs, to serve "Breakfast for Dinner" and to act as a collection point for a Pajama drive. I didn't wear PJs, but I brought 3 sets of new PJs to donate to the Arizona's Children Association

We can be Thankful. We can be aware of the profound challenges in our world, but we can also look for, encourage, and participate in the good. 

Before closing out this blog post, I would like to briefly honor the memory and writings of my favorite author, Anne McCaffrey. She passed away this week and the world does seem different because I know she no longer physically living there at Dragonhold Underhill.

I started reading her books as a young teen and never stopped. I think she reinforced and enhanced the teachings from my parents. That I am not limited to a certain type of place in the world because I'm female. That mine is not the only viewpoint - consider the world from different perspectives. Learn!

Her books are "comfort food" reading to me. I will reread her books knowing the story and writing will still catch me up and enhance my world.
I sent her a Thank You note years ago...and I continue to be grateful for her talent, imagination, clever mind, and the ongoing legacy of her writing. Bittersweet thanks are offered again today.

Janice's Library blog post for Anne McCaffrey's birthday a few years ago is worth a visit. She includes several of my favorite drawings of Ms. McCaffrey.

And this says it best.
Thanks are offered to Ms. Bull and Murasaki_1966 for this comment posted on the Dark Roast Blog. 
"Say not in grief that she is gone, but in thankfulness that she was."

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