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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Trick or Treat? No more tricks, please.

I received a Halloween card this week from my best friend's mom.

It said "Happy Halloween!" and "No more tricks at your house!", referencing the recent theft of my tires & wheel rims off my very old little pickup truck.
I agree, but I have to admit - but if this is as bad as it gets...I'm doing pretty well.

Halloween Treats: 

"What Just Scared this Cat"courtesy of CuteOveload.com and here's a picture of Oscar the office cat in his Halloween duds.
(By the way, this is the last of Oscar's holiday outfits to be posted on the blog unless I figure out how to add more pieces to his wardrobe.)

Happy Halloween. 
May you have many treats and no tricks this All Hallows Eve.

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