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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Where did July Go?

Greetings! My apologies for posting nearly a month ago and then essentially disappearing.
I thought of the blog often enough, but I didn't translate those thoughts into typing and blogging.
Why didn't I? Because I was engrossed with several projects.  (i.e. obsessed)

A huge project came into being at work - with a deadline that coincided with my being out of town. So - I had to design, setup and test my portion of this project and turn it over to our stellar Quality Assurance department for testing and implementation more than a week before the project was due. I took this task a little too seriously and spent a great deal of time at work. (Yep, fell off the work-a-holic wagon again...)

In my not very spare time, I was living on the internet - trying to plot my Portland explorations around my Sock Summit classes and events. The Sock Summit Raverly discussion group was a huge boon to this research and plotting (I seemed to have plotted a lot of restaurants to visit...). The Portland natives' suggestions on what to visit and where to eat was invaluable. Several people also organized events around the Sock Summit that were definitely intriguing.

And as my life was consumed with these projects, my body made it's preferences known (loudly) and I attempted to get some exercise and sleep between work and SS11 plotting. (I wasn't particularly successful at these endeavors.)

Deep Breath/Sigh.  {wry grin}

Thusly I disappeared for a bit, blog-wise. Now I'm "back" and I have a lot to blog about...a lot of pictures of events, food (YUM!), amazing craftsmanship (no, not mine), and new-to-me LYS pictures. As usual, I always have silly observations to post but there are also some Sock Summit Stories to tell.
(I think I managed to not entirely embarrass myself this time at the Sock Summit when faced with Knitterati. {whew!})

But it's going to take me a bit to go through all the pictures and plot the blog posts.
I will make an effort to post  smaller chapters rather than "War and Peace" blogs.
And I will fulfill my promise to include the progress of my own crafting exploits of late.

Please bear with me. There is more to come.
Blessings Be.

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  1. I was just going to PM you on Ravelry this morning to ask how Sock Summit went. LOL! Can't wait to see the posts!