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Sunday, August 21, 2011

I'm alive, I'm alive...really...

Hola! Just checking in.
I am alive and I do have SS11 blogs started but I got seriously distracted by...uh...well, life.

After the Sock Summit, I had to hit the ground running for work due to bonus industry-wide changes that have come into play as well as the necessary pre-prep for the normal Bi-annual industry changes that are coming up in a couple of months.
Add to the above some minor medical adventures and the blog sits idle - but not forgotten!
(My medical adventures are certainly nothing on the scale of what Martha and her husband are dealing with!  How did the bone scan go? Wishing you both healing and strength!! Blessings Be!)
I am considered to be ok physically for now, but I am dealing with some unexpected fatigue and there are things to ponder and pursue.

It'll all work out. It usually does - maybe not the way I'd like, but it'll work out.
There is more for me to learn here.

The cats are charming, surprising and, as usual, easily the most entertaining thing in my life.
Mikale & Nikoli
More appreciated entertainment: PodCasts have been a near-constant companion. My thanks to all the podcasters out there that share bits of their lives, knitting adventures, their creativity, education, humor, and personality with us! Most especially of late:

  • Congratulations and blessings to Jasmine and Gigi of the Knitmore Girls and their expanding family! Enjoy your summer hiatus and thank you very much for podcasting! Jasmine, please consider that sometimes our creative "Mojo" is diverted from our knitting to other important tasks. "Nesting" comes in many forms. ;-)
  • Thank you for the giggles shared and inspired by Rick and Carin of the KintWits Podcast. 'Tis appreciated, especially now. (I got to meet the lovely Carin at the Sock Summit!) 
  •  Strength and ongoing well-wishes are offered to David Reidy and his Mum. Mr. Reidy (of the Sticks and String Podcast) is also on podcast hiatus to be able to focus more on caring for his Mum and her current health challenges. 
  • Paula of Knitting Pipeline has been keeping me company as well.  (Thank you again!)
  • I'm also back the fascinating History of Rome, listening to the early episodes. I recently laughed out loud to hear about a Roman Consul (Publius Claudius Pulcher) seeking the auspices of "The Sacred Chickens" before a battle. When the chickens didn't eat the feed offered to them to assure a favorable outcome for the plan to destroy the Carthaginian navy, he had them tossed overboard, citing "If they're not hungry, maybe they're thirsty." (Yep, the attack went "poorly" to say the least!). 

I have been getting some knitting done amidst the long hours at work. Here's a finished pair of socks for a friend in the White Mtns.  About 6 months back, she loaned a car to a friend of mine (My ride to the crafting retreat) so we could drive back to Tucson after the serpentine belt in my friend's car let loose inside (broke) the engine. She's a lovely person and it shouldn't surprise me at all she would lend us her car. I wanted to show her my appreciation for the rescue so a pair of socks, in the yarn of her choosing, have been knit and are ready to ship this week.
Yep, my foot, her socks...I'm pretty sure these will fit her much better!

For "just checking in", I've been typing for quite a while. (I have to admit, I do "blather" well!)
I need to get back to Laundry and other weekend to-do's - and back to SS11 blogging.
Please bear with me..."Life Happens".

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