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Sunday, January 23, 2011

The DH is fired as a receptionist and Snoozing Fur-balls

A few weeks ago, the DH called me at work to tell me someone had called to say...I'd won a drawing. 
I asked from where...he didn't know. 
I asked what I'd won...he didn't know. 
I asked if he'd taken a phone number...nope. {wry grin}
I had to laugh and I told him he was fired as a receptionist. 

A few weeks before that, I'd visited The Tucson Yarn Company during a Lantern Moon event and dropped my name in their raffle drawing - and I actually didn't know what the prizes were. 
But that was the only place I'd put my name in for a drawing, so I called them. 

They were very gracious and confirmed they had indeed called and spoken to my husband and I indicated I'd come by over the weekend to pick it up. I asked what I'd won and they described a pretty silver/grey bag I had actually looked at during my visit but that I'd put back down because it had "stuff" in it (rather than being an empty, obviously for-sale bag it looked like a kit). 
And that's the one that I'd won!
(Spiffy, huh?)
And the stuff?
(Yes, That's Gryphon "shopping" for something to chew on that I will
take away from him as soon as I put down the camera...)
There's a bit of sparkly silver yarn (Louisa Harding Glisten), a selection of "soak" samples and clever "soak" labels, an Everlasting Bag Stopper Pattern (wonder if I'm supposed to use the sparkly Yarn to make a Bag Stopper? Maybe not.) and Gryphon's favorite, Lantern Moon Gelato

After being deprived of his chew-toy of choice, Gryphon took a nap in the sunshine with Mikale and CooPurr: 

Mikale and CooPurr were pretty soundly asleep during the camera flashes: 

But CooPurr stirred to peek at me and stretch: 

And me? I'm splitting my time between blogging, laundry, and a couple of knitting projects (preemie socks, Reba's 2nd sock, and some test knitting) and enjoying the Eureka episode I taped a few months ago. 
Hope you-all enjoy some craft-y time this afternoon as well! 

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  1. How great! Can't wait to see your new bag. Cats have to get in on everything!