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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Reality after the Surreal Sock Summit 2009

Still reeling from my several days of profound knit-geekiness (maybe dorkiness applies better) whenever I met up/spoke with any of the Sock Knitterati/Sock Summit Seven....I got home last night after my short trip to the Sock Summit 2009...and reality struck with a vengeance.

Home to find BobCat is a day behind in his wet food consumption - and a day behind in the meds that are in the wet food I setup for BobCat for the days I was gone.
I added an extra dose in today's wet food and BobCat is eating better today than when I was gone.

Gryphon has been so happy I'm home - he's gifted me with several banzai kitty attacks on my arms at various times in the last 14 hours. [sigh/ouch].
However...he did let me sleep through the night.
Kitten's nails have been trimmed (he was very nice about it) and Squirty bottle is being applied as needed.

Unfortunately my baby brother, whom I love just about best in the world, called in the early hours of this morning to see if we were going to walk and do breakfast today. I passed in the feeble hope that more sleep could be achieved, but I was delusional and I was awake. [sigh/yawn]

More unfortunately, DH managed to spill a very large, very full cup of coffee in our bedroom over two cloth-covered storage ottomans and a chunk of the floor. Blessings - the ottomans are brown to begin with, the carpet is well-loved already (i.e. overdue for replacement), and the DH drinks his coffee black. So we sopped up and scrubbed what we could and our bedroom smells pleasantly of cleaning solution and coffee.
[sigh/deep inhale of still lovely coffee aroma]

So now, I'm doing laundry and pondering all the lovely knitters and friends I found at the Sock Summit with whom I managed not to be entirely socially inept...and trying to decide how best to document my Sock Summit adventure.
[sigh/kinda wish'n I'd stayed for the whole thing...]

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  1. Well you're not going to get away with it that easily. Start posting NOW and let those of us who didn't get a Golden Ticket to Sock Summit at least live it along with you in vicarious fashion!

    Adore the computer/kitten pictures, especially the way your mouse-hand is constantly under attack. I remember Angeluna (purlsbeforefrogs.blogspot.com) had a cat that did this with music on pianos - every time someone reached out to turn the page, their hand was tapped sharply from somewhere out of sight behind the music. Sometimes the cat would just ruffle all the pages for fun.

    Come on! The cleaning up can wait. The whole story - NOW!