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Monday, March 23, 2009

A Smattering

Life has been alllll over the place of late.
I am recovering from a flu with an overlay of a cold (when your symptoms take a 90 degree turn and the meds that were working on the flu symptoms suddenly stop working - you've been gifted with a cold on top of the flu. Avoid this experience if you can...).
Of course I picked up the cold when I stayed at work with the minor flu 'cause I HAD to make a deadline...(Pause for "serves me right" moment here.)

And so here's some recovery experiences; a smattering of what I've seen or been up to recently.

Firstly - Fun websites to visit!
The colors of this celebration were startling and lovely.
The Holi Festival of Colors.
Two of the gents I work with are from India. I asked them if they'd ever participated in Holi - they both had and the first thing they said was "You don't wear something you want to keep..."

The Big Picture has been wowing me this week. If you haven't already seen these, the Undersea Eruptions near Tonga are amazing!

Whilst collecting web-site info for you, The Big Picture delighted me with Signs of Spring!

Lastly, Lynda at Kiwi Knitting noted this tooooo funny video in the Kiwi Blog. Go look to be amazed, entertained (I laughed out loud), and deal with your sheep-envy - from the Baaa-Studs: Extreme Sheep Herding!

I'm getting ready to felt the 2nd Knit Dr. Bag. Check out the size differential between the already-felted bag on top of the soon-to-be-felted bag (yes, the light patch is a dollar bill for size reference.):

Plus Pockets...

More Plant stuff:

The deep purple of these violets were just too much to resist:

Buried my face in this drift of Jasmine.
Lovely, lovely scent!

And the pollen has been pretty thick around Tucson...

These are Acacia Trees.

Here's how they look at night...

And I'm for bed (and some allergy medication!)

Pleasant dreams!

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