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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Australian Fire - yes, even I noticed

I'm wondering at my own inattentiveness and ignorance.
I know there are wild fires in California all the time. But they don't seem to be as bad as what Australia is experiencing.
Heart wrenching. People that died in their homes or trying to escape. Cars and playgrounds MELTED. Animals and people lost - and found.
Yes, even I went searching for news this week...

I've found a couple of blogs from folks in Australia that have lead to other news sources.
The previously explored blog of Australian Meggie, Life's Free Treats, had some comments about the fire and led me to June of 70 Plus and Still Kicking - who lives in an area affected by the fires.
(Wow - she has a map on her blog now to show the fire locations.)
She's been keeping a diary of the events of the bush fires. Rather well done, in my opinion.
Excellent - she lists how we can help!
Australian Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal.
Here's an article on the American Red Cross Website...and there is an opportunity to help the folks struck with the early tornadoes in Texas and Oklahoma as well.

Meggie also listed this link that has pictures. A lot of them. More added daily. They look like the pictures we've seen of the aftermath of war. So much ash - unrecognizable piles that used to be people's homes. And the photographs of the people...
People you want to hug or laugh with; you see their tears or the character in their faces and you want to ask them to tell you their story. Pictures that confound the senses or bring hope or scenes and concepts that must simply be cried over.
Unbearable except for the courage and heart displayed. It is so hard to describe. Please, go look.

This one is particularly interesting. The Big Picture. It is "News stories in Pictures". Rather fascinating.
The 2/11 one is about the Chinese New Year celebration in China. Amazing pictures.
The 2/9/09 blog is about Australia. Some are pictures I've seen before in the Australian news photo gallery noted above, but not on this scope, and well, just amazing. Again, go look.

I'm off to see what all I can do to help.

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