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Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Smattering - Fibre, Irons, Knitting, Puppies, and Events

Upcoming Calendar items:
I'm sure there's a bunch more up-n-coming events - leave a comment to clue me in!

A friend brought to my attention that House Bill 2379 could cut the funding for our amazing Pima County Public Library. Please consider contacting your AZ Legislator soonest.

Juniper Moon Farm {nifty blog, yarn, etc} directed me to this charming blog post about a Golden Retriever caring for a Kitten
{Yep, Kleenex alert!}.
And, newly smitten with Reshareworthy, I am tickled with this Budweiser/Clydesdale/Puppy commercial. {Still got the Kleenex?}

When I went to last month's Tucson Handweaver's and Spinner's Guild Knitting Study Group meeting at the University of Arizona Agricultural Center - I found parking was at a premium and there were a wide variety of fibre-related critters already on site:
{I believe a 4-H gathering was sharing our meeting-time.}


I recently got to go to the White Mountains with a few friends to stay with another friend - where I met New Friends! {wry grin}

At a stop along the way, I saw a woman with spiffy boots of Harper Blue. {Geek-ful moment: Dragonriders of Pern, Dragonsinger reference}

One new Friend was deemed a "Keeper" and she shared this link with me: A Young Man's History of Doctor Who in 11 Photographs.

Sunrise over Show Low:

But the moon was still up:

Several of the New Friends were sewing these on multiple embroidery machines to create these stunning, detailed Christmas Tree panels:
(As always, please click on the photos to enlarge.)

And I finished these projects whilst traveling/retreating in the White Mountains:


Squishy Cowl {in seriously YUMMY-soft Alpaca} and Knotty but Nice Hat.

Comfort of a Friend Woman's Shawl
{pending buttons so not entirely complete}
The view as I left the weekend retreat - the IronWood Tree:
{A lotta irons have been burned out at Bear Cabin Quilting Retreats.}

I hope life is treating you well!

1 comment:

  1. Sigh, Republicans are so tediously predictable. Cutting funding for a PUBLIC LIBRARY. I didn't even have to look up the party affiliations involved here - 'Arizona House'. That's all I need to know. Predictable. Clueless. I'll end the rant here, temporarily.

    OK, what are the blue boots made of? They're stunning. Suede?

    Comfort of a Friend Woman's Shawl - this is a shawl? And not a pair of pants, right? How do you wear it?

    Those burned out irons evoke strong homesickness for anyplace piney and bucolic. In other words, not L.A.