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Friday, March 15, 2013

Graceful finger art (Not by me)

I recently became smitten with the art of Judith Ann Braun.
I became intrigued when I saw a picture of part of a wall she'd done in an Artist Daily blogpost: "The Art of Your Fingertips".

Some further exploration lead me to Judith Ann Braun's website and I went from intrigued to smitten.

Smitten with her version of a "Pride and Prejudice" T-shirt (scroll down when you get to the web page {I'm also fond of the "in training" shirt}). ;-)
Ms. Braun said "Edirp and Ecidujerp" is Pride and Prejudice spelled backwards, something the honorable Jane Austen was fond of doing in personal letters!"

Smitten with her Text Art - this one in particular:
"Oh May I" (far left text when you get to the web page.)
{No, I personally don't aspire to draw on the level of Jane Austin's writing, but I love that Judith Ann Braun (a real artist/person who can draw) would have this thought!}

And I am quite smitten with her Charcoal finger art.
She has had installations in the Indianapolis Museum of Art ("Without Pleasure All We'd Have is a Bunch of Stuff Vibrating") and in the Chrysler Museum of Art ("Diamond Dust", 2012).

This video shows her creating part of "Diamond Dust" in the Chrysler Museum of Art:
"Without Pleasure"

Another "Diamond Dust" video from the artist.
{Love the fluttering grace of her fingers. I am boggled at how her brain works that she can create on this scale with deft, slight finger movements. Wondrous and excellent!}

I spent a bit of time exploring her website and videos. Pretty cool.
Another favorite: "My Five Minute Life".
(I can't get this video to embed, so you might want to take 5 minutes and go be charmed by Ms. Braun).

I thank her for her clever art, for sharing herself with us, and I wish her good health and continued creativity.

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  1. OK, you get an extra Phat Golden Blessing for sharing this woman with us. Watching her deft, gracious wrists and fingers was like watching the courtship dance of warblers at the edge of a willow grove. Blessings, Treasure, yes indeed