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Friday, September 10, 2010

A Bit o'the "Bubbly"

Whilst clearing out the living room so the carpet could be replaced, we came across two little bottles of bubbles from a wedding the DH attended in Vegas.
(You know, where folks are expected to blow bubbles at the Bride-n-Groom instead of throwing rice, or bird seed, or something that represents good luck and fertility. {I have NO idea how bubbles represent good luck or fertility. Aside from the silly/fun aspect, I would suggest soap bubbles inspire cleanliness ;-) }

I asked how long he wanted to store these (dusty) treasured keepsakes in our home...and his eventual response was that he was able to let them go.
But first, we absolutely HAVE to blow soap bubbles at the cats, right?!?

Nikoli, our fearless scardy cat, had the most fun: 

Gryphon is not so sure about these thingies...

Mikale is unimpressed with the flavor:

The kitty-wonder of airborne soap continues:

Gryphon chooses to retreat to a safe place from which to spectate:
Nikoli continues to play (watch the tail-action):

And Gryphon can't quite resist:

I think soap bubbles are probably not Gryphon's favorite "toy" (which would be Nikoli) but they were an interesting afternoon's diversion.

 And where was CooPurr you ask? 

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