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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ok, I wasn't going to follow this blog but....

I like to see what Blogger recommends in their blogs of note. If I'm intrigued, I'll usually I add the intrigue-ment to the "Blogs to Explore" folder/pile.
This one, "The Big Storm Picture", I sent off to a couple of folks because the pictures are STUNNING but I didn't add it to the Explore-pile because
A. It wasn't about knitting, food, cake, or the basis of wicked dry humor.
B. I read it all the way back to the first blog which was November 8, 2008. i.e. nothing to explore...
C. I don't watch Storm Chasers every week

However, I keep going back to look.
And I have always looked at the sky a lot. A lot - a lot.

And the gent posting the blog obviously has some profound knowledge of the skies and weather he photographs. Educational Opportunity!
And "stunning" doesn't do these pictures justice. They are amazing, humbling, and sometimes sad or scary. Well worth the look.
And a second look.
And...yeah, I'm going to follow the Big Storm Picture Blog. Done deal.
Woof - amazing, lovely, grand, pictures!

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